Fence installation in Denver gives any property aesthetic appeal and delight, adds privacy to a home, and can work as a boundary marker to keep children and pets inside their lawn. However, without following all guidelines in place for fence installation, things can go terribly wrong very fast, especially where the HOA is concerned.

Rather than receive a nasty letter or phone call from the HOA after improper fence construction, take their rules and regulations into consideration before the structure goes up. If your home sits within an HOA community, the rules in place are mandated, and ignoring them only creates more trouble. The HOA can force you to remove the fence or pay daily fines. After spending so much money to install a fence, that is the last worry you want.

Installing a fence can be difficult when you have certain ideas in mind but the HOA does not agree with your design or material choices. Here at Denco, minimizing the stress associated with Denver fence installation is our top priority. It is essential to learn the requirements set forth by HOA requirements and regulations ahead of the project start so you can minimize stress and headaches. We want to help minimize the stressors of fence installation in Denver and HOA compliance.

fence denverThe Problem With Fences & Your HOA

The HOA can seem nitpicky and demanding and in some aspects, unfair during fence installation. You simply want to install a fence that coincides with your needs and design requirements that also serves your needs. Why must the HOA stand in the way? Understand the regulations and rules they have in place are designed to protect the community and the neighborhood. Fences may seem like a simple project but in reality, they have a significant bearing on the entire neighborhood.

Fences can obstruct views for neighbors, which really isn’t fair to them. Fences can also devalue properties if they are not maintained and of course, require maintenance so they do not become a sight for sore eyes years down the road.

Most Common Denver HOA Fence Restrictions

Denco is here to help ensure fence installation in Denver goes as smoothly as possible. The following HOA considerations can help reduce headaches during fence installation in Denver. If you need more information or tips, just give us a call or shoot us an email so we can take care of your needs.

Some of the most common HOA restrictions you can expect include:

  • Wind and Storm Resistance: Denver experiences a ton of snowfall every year during the winter. We also see a lot of hail throughout the year. The remainder of the year is prone to strong winds that often result in wind advisories going out across the airwaves. In fact, winds cause serious damage in the city every year. High winds can break fence panels and send them flying through the air. This can injure other people, structures, and vehicles. Solid fences have the worst reputation for causing injury and damage. Many HOAs prevent the installation of wooden fences that “catch” the wind. Some HOAs may take it a step further and require fences to be placed with metal bars to keep the wind from damaging them.
  • Fence Height Restrictions: Fence height restrictions are placed to ensure every homeowner has the same rite of enjoyment as the next. You may dream of a large, tall fence standing in front of the lawn but if it impacts other people, may not be plausible. If the fence obstructs a driveway or sidewalk, for example, it can endanger the lives of other people. In Denver, the maximum allowed height for most fence structures is 6′. You will need a permit to build a fence of this height. This differs from one fence material to the next, however. If you want a tall fence, consider using picket panels or something that is not solid.
  • Views & Visibility: It is not uncommon for HOA neighborhoods to be found in scenic areas of town. These neighborhoods invest heavily in landscaping and take great pride in an immaculate outdoor setting for their residents. Obviously, people who live near these areas do not want fences to intrude on their views. You may find fence restrictions and prohibitions in place for fence installation in Denver in some parts of the city.
  • Style & Uniformity: While some HOA requirements are practical, it is not uncommon to encounter a few guidelines that focus more on aesthetics. If you live in such a neighborhood, you may be restricted by the aesthetic appearance of the fence. This may limit the colors that you can use, the styles and decorations used, and other materials. Understand the guidelines in your community so you do not install a fence in Denver that will not cut the HOA regulations and requirements.
  • Permits: Do not forget that you need permits to build some fences in Denver. Learn more about requirements for permits before your project begins to lessen the stress and headaches.

fence denverHOA Fines & Lien on Property

If you acquire fines from the HOA due to fence violations that are not paid, the HOA can initiate a lean against the property. It is essential to understand the regulations HOAs have in place for fence installation in Denver and abide by them, even when they seem nitpicky or unnecessary. Those limits may have benefits that aren’t so obvious to outsiders but regardless, protecting your home and wallet are most important.

Learn HOA Rules & Regulations Before Denver Fence Installation

The best way to avoid the risks associated with improper fence installation and your HOA is to learn the restrictions in place before reaching out to Denco. We know that every property owner has unique needs for their fence style, materials, and hardware based on the HOA regulations set forth. We have styles that accommodate every property in every Denver neighborhood and ensure an appropriate installation that keeps you out of hot water with the HOA.

We also keep your needs in mind when choosing the best fence to install at your Denver home. Whether you want a privacy fence that helps seclude your home from nosey neighbors and passersby or a cute and sleek white picket fence that helps live out your childhood dreams, we have the fence style that you want that complies with your HOA regulations and requirements.

How to Increase Odds of HOA Fence Approval

Once you decide that you want a fence on your property you want the project to start as soon as possible. The HOA can certainly delay the project by weeks or longer in extreme cases. If the HOA does not approve the fence design, this also adds significant delays to the total time of Denver fence installation. The following tips are a few that can increase the odds of getting approval from the HOA to install your new fence.

  • Consult With the HOA Ahead of Time: It cannot be said enough: do not start any fence installation in Denver before consulting with the HOA. Starting the fence installation project first can be a costly and stressful decision should the HOA reject the design.
  • Ample Time: Give yourself ample time between the project start day and HOA approval. Many HOAs look at new structure requests only during designed meetings held once or twice per month.
  • Research Fencing Styles: Research fence styles and designs. Information is available online to help or you can give the experts at Denco a call for additional details.
  • Present Your Plans: Not every HOA requires homeowners to present their floorplans before Denver fence installation but some will. If the HOA requires you to present the plans, do so in plenty of time.

Fence installation can go as simple as you want as long as you learn and are aware of HOA regulations ahead of time. Use this information as a guide to HOA rules and regulations to ensure simple, stress-free fence installation in Denver.

Call Denco today at 303-223-6902 to request a free fence installation estimate or for additional information regarding your HOA in Denver.