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Fence and Gate Repair Options

Fences and gates include many pieces of hardware and parts that can easily damage due to age, wear and tear, improper maintenance, or other issues. No matter who built your fence or gate, we’d be happy to help you repair it.

Common Fence and Gate Repairs

Some of the most common fence and gate repair requests we receive include filling holes and gaps along the fence line, resetting loose poles and posts, replacing missing rails and warped components, and even repainting or staining.

Heavy Damage Repairs

If the damage to your fence or gate is beyond repair, we offer various options for replacement. When Denco leaves your property, satisfaction is our biggest concern. We want you to enjoy the peace of mind, the added value, the enhanced safety and privacy, and the incomparable beauty that a fence adds to your property.

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Repairing a broken gate or fence saves time, money, and is more convenient than replacement. Why not repair minor issues when the product has plenty of life left?

A sagging fence or gate decreases the appeal of your property but also reduces the effectiveness of the product. The fence may sag due to loose posts or screws, the soil shifting, or other problems.

Many factors determine fence repair costs. The same factors influence gate repair costs as well. The type and size of the fence and the types of damage are among the factors.