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Security Fence Styles

Designed to protect your business against unauthorized entry, burglaries, and other access control needs, our durable security gates also make sure your customers and others inside your property feel safe, too.

Chain Link and Barb Wire

Whether you're looking to build a cage to lock away valuables or build a secure perimeter around you property, we can help you design the perfect chain link security fence for you. We can also add more protection with barb wire and other options.

Steel Security Fences

Ranging from light commercial strength to high security, we can help you build a steel security fence to your exact needs and specifications.

Security Gates

We also offer a range of options for securing entryways and access points like driveway gates and doorway gates.

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Security Fence Portfolio

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Security gate pricing is based upon many different factors, including the gate material and its size. Denco offers highly-competitive pricing on all security gate installation services.

Security gates are extremely durable. They provide efficient access control for businesses in every industry.

Many factors impact the life of a security gate. The average lifetime for a security gate, however, is 25 years or longer. There’s plenty of assurance in your fence after installation.