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Fence Staining Options

Denco fence specialists stain your fence using quality products from today’s top brands. Stains come in assorted colors so decorating and designing the fence of your dreams is easy. Semi-transparent and solid stain options suit every fencing need, no matter what your expected outcome.

Protect your fence against the elements

Staining creates a damage-resistant barrier that adds lush appeal to your fence. It protects the wood fence against various damages that would otherwise limit the fence’s capabilities.

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Give your fence a fresh look

Old, worn out fences regain life and appeal with a coat of stain. Staining creates a damage-resistant barrier that adds lush appeal to your fence that last much longer than the unstained fence.

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If going from a light to dark stain, it is possible to stain over the old product. If going to a lighter stain, the old stain should first be removed. Denco always sands down the fence to remove old stains.

Experts recommend applying stain to the fence once every three years. Inspect the fence to determine how often it’s needed on your property.

Fence stain costs depend on the size of the fence, the type of stain used, and other factors. Denco offers free quotes and competitive pricing.