Protecting your garden against threats such as wind damage, pests, and wildlife could be as simple as installing a fence around your property. A fence adds aesthetic charm to the garden area but more importantly, helps keep winds, extreme heat, animals, and pests away, preventing damage to your crops. If you want to keep the garden growing, a fence is an option you should consider.

True, gardens need TLC from their owner, as well as a versatile mixture of pesticides, fertilizers, and supplies to help thwart dangers. However, TLC can do only so much to maintain the garden. Installing a fence adds an extra layer of protection while giving garden owners more peace of mind and eventually, a more fruitful crop.

Whether you’re growing a few plants and flowers or filling your garden with bounties to feed and nourish the entire family, fence installation keeps it healthy and growing strong.

Among the many ways fence installation helps protect the garden:


Colorado is home to a multiplicity of wild animals and pests all too eager to feast on the delicious crops growing in your garden. Squirrels, deer, and rabbits are among the smaller animals of concern. Denver residents could also encounter a brown bear in the garden, especially when growing root vegetables like potatoes and carrots.

Wild animals destroy crops as they break vines and disrupt the soil as they stomp around in the garden. Most plants cannot sustain this type of impact. Wild animals nibble on or outright take crops from the garden, potentially transmitting disease and destroying the plant -and all of your hard work- in the process.

Fences keep wild animals out of the garden, preventing the substantial damage they would otherwise cause. Installing a fence keeps the garden healthy and beautiful while it adds aesthetic flavor to the neighborhood. Gardeners will love their hobby even more once a fence decorates the area.

denver fence coWind

High winds in Denver reach speeds of up to 100 MPH near the mountain slopes in extreme cases. Normally, winds reaching speeds of up to 30 MPH with gusts up to 80 MPH terrorize the city, more common during the cold winter months. Near the foothills, winds are even stronger. Gardeners must take extra precautions against these winds or face serious consequences on their property, including in the garden.

Reinforced wood, metal, or vinyl fences with secure latches help stop strong winds from destroying your crops. Chain link fences are also effective at combating high winds. The versatility of the chain link fence ensures that it creates appeal on your property. It is best to avoid privacy fences around gardens since they tend to allow wind to freely blow between the pickets.


Plants need sunshine but let’s face it: Denver gets H-O-T in the summer and none of us want to be out in that heat any longer than necessary -and never without a gallon of water. Imagine how your plants and vegetables feel without a way to escape the sunshine and without a drink of fresh water. In no time, extreme heat and sunshine can destroy your crop and garden. Denver accumulates about 17 inches of rainfall per year -less than half the national average amount.

Protecting a garden against these harsh weather elements can be tricky, but there’s a solution: a fence to the rescue! With a plethora of fence options available, finding one that suits your needs is simple. After fence installation, your garden thrives as it enjoys cooler temperatures without the harsh effects of the sun beating it down.

denver fence coGrow a Vertical Garden

A vertical garden fence frees up space on your property, helps prevent plant diseases, and gives the exterior of your home a modern, stylish appeal. Several types of vertical garden fences appeal to gardeners with any type of budget, though it’s important to note the cost is always affordable.

Although gardening vertically may not be the customary approach, it’s gaining momentum and popularity across the country, especially in the progressive city of Denver. It’s tons of fun, easier, and faster than a traditional garden, so it’s perfect for beginners all the way up to novice gardeners. For gardeners who enjoy being trendsetters and want to keep their garden growing with fewer threats, vertical garden fences solve the problem.

Eliminate Potential Risks

Maybe you’ve always known how beneficial fences are to the garden. If you are ahead of the game and installed a garden fence years ago, we applaud your quick thinking. However, fences deteriorate over time, often before obvious signs of a problem become noticeable. This means an assortment of problems -from moisture collecting underneath the soil of the fence to rotting would- could potentially affect the health and safety of your garden.

Installing a new fence eliminates those risks and provides more aesthetic appeal. Consider the additional benefits a fence provides in addition to protecting the garden and it’s clear to see why it’s time to schedule fence installation.

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