There are many health and well-being benefits for installing a privacy fence in your yard. Having a private area outside helps increase relaxation and can be part of giving your outdoor living spaces a welcoming spot for intimate conversations with those you love most.

Before moving forward with your backyard retreat plans, take time to review the following seven privacy fence ideas for your yard first.

1. Why a Traditional White Picket Fence Remains Timeless No Matter the Year

Do you ever wonder why so many homeowners opt to install a tried-and-true white picket fence for privacy? This is partly due to this fence’s stellar reputation and easy-on-the-eye results. It seems that a traditional white picket fence remains timeless no matter what the current year and date. This is a breezy fence option that immediately creates a warm and welcoming vibe.

2. Try a Taller Wood Fence if Home Is Near a Major Roadway or Other Eyesore

Perhaps your home sits close to a busy roadway or near to other eyesores. Why not try a taller wooden fence to hide those ugly views? You can include some cutout or latticework at the higher top to break up the tall height and allow cool breezes to flow through. Many homeowners also include a trellis and train live crawling flowers and vines to grow for an even better backyard oasis.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Use Different Fencing Materials

Fencing experts urge consumers to try different fencing materials in the same space. This method can instantly update an older fence and can link two or more architectural details used on the exterior surfaces and platforms creating a more cohesive end result that looks well-coordinated and fresh.

Some combination fencing materials can include wood and glass, metal and wood, different types of wood together, durable plastic and metal and many others.

4. Create a Refreshing and Sound-Blocking Living Green Wall Fence

Perhaps your outdoor space is a bit small that won’t allow a larger garden in the area. Create a refreshing and sound-blocking living green wall fence to quickly add visual interest and depth along with the beauty of living plants and blooms. This can be enhanced by adding some potted plants or small trees to a patio, deck or balcony.

This type of fence can be used on just one side if wanting to retain more airflow and still have a private space. Adding a living green wall fence works well in places that have concrete or brick home exteriors too, as this will help to give an otherwise urban looking space some nature-based items.

5. Consider a Bamboo or Other Lighter Wooden Fencing Options

Many homeowners are using bamboo and other eco-friendly and tropical looking lighter wooden fencing options. This is a lovely way to enclose a smaller portion of a porch or patio to create a tropical resort inspired seating or dining area.

Bamboo and some other natural fibrous materials are already resistant to termites and other insects normally found in areas where bamboo naturally grows. In addition, bamboo is naturally resistant to harsh sunrays, high winds and heavy downpours. Try installing taller panels instead of usual privacy fence style. Your family will want to spend more staycations with a resort inspired outdoor space.

6. Try a Two-Toned Wooden & Stucco Privacy Fence

Many homes are made of stucco and other desert-inspired materials especially out west or in other warmer weather regions. A fun twist on a stucco privacy fence is to add a wooden upper fence portion using stucco in the bottom half. Try installing horizontal wooden planks in a golden-hued lighter wood to break up the space making it more visually pleasing.

This type of privacy fence also looks terrific on beach cottages, small condo units and apartments. A fence of this nature also can be enhanced by adding a few planters with flowers or potted ferns.

7. Use a Decorative Laser-Cut Metal Screen as a Divine Privacy Fence

A fabulous option for an elegant privacy fence is to use a decorative metal screen that has been laser-cut resulting in a layered and intricate design pattern. These are captivating when the screen is black. This looks lovely with wooden slates or posts along with nearby glass for a more authentic and unique style.

Along with a basic design style for your future privacy fence, there are some other important considerations before settling on your favorite one.

Consider How Much Upkeep You Are Willing to Do

Some fencing materials will take more time and expense when it comes to regular upkeep tasks and cleaning through the years. Each homeowner should seriously determine exactly how much upkeep and other required tasks that they are going to be able to handle before buying your fencing materials.

Decide How Much Air Flow Your Fence Choice Will Likely Allow

Privacy fences often have tighter slats that are closely spaced making it difficult to see through. However, this could block the airflow making your fenced in outdoor areas less comfortable during warmer weather.

There are ways to build a good privacy fence that still has a lot of openings to allow the fresh breezes to blow through.

Be Considerate of Any Neighbors Living on the Opposite Side of Your Fence

As with any new outdoor projects, be sure to always be considerate of any neighbors living on the opposite side of your future fence. Making both sides appealing can be a win for both neighbors.

Installing a privacy fence in your backyard or other outdoor space can give your outdoor areas a boost in appeal while providing some privacy at the same time. How much privacy that is desired can impact fencing costs, types of materials used and other factors. Being outdoors in nature may help improve your mental and physical health, so creating an outdoor retreat at home has many additional benefits.

The best way to ensure that your privacy fence is exactly what you need is to consult with a fencing specialist like Denco Fence Company. Call (303) 223-6902 or use our online form for more information.