Before beginning any work or purchasing fencing materials, it is crucial to take the proper amount of time to prepare and plan your fence installation project.

Read on for insider information about some common mistakes that property owners should avoid when planning and installing a new fence.

Failure to Understand Your Property & Location of Property Lines

One of the first things that a property owner should do before beginning a fence installation is to research their property lines. It is not uncommon for there to be discrepancies on where the actual property line is especially if the land has changed hands several times.

This information should be listed on the property deed, but property owners should get a recent or new land survey completed to avoid building the fence on their neighbor’s property or land that is considered public. If this happens, the neighbor or city could force the landowner to take down the fence on the disputed border lines.

Not Checking an Existing Fence’s Location to Ensure Correct Placement

Quite often, a property owner will decide to update and replace an existing fence that they did not build. It is important to find out what type of posts or footings are present, and it is wise to doublecheck that the current fence is truly on the owner’s property.

Lack of Intensive Project Planning

Probably the most common mistake made when installing a fence is the lack of the recommended project planning timeframe. This should be thought through and researched carefully before ever buying expensive materials or beginning any of the work.

A few things to consider includes the material type and design style of your intended fence, how high the fence should be and where the fence will be placed. Prices for materials and supplies should also be researched to get the best deals.

Understand What Your Fence Purposes Are

It is important to consider what your fence purposes should be. Some examples include privacy, as a pet or small child enclosure for safety, to hide less than attractive views or to enhance or enclose a garden, pool or other yard feature.

Failure to Set a Realistic Project Budget Prior to Any Purchases or Work

Always set a realistic budget well before any purchases are made or labor begins. Materials and labor can vary quite a lot, and there are often unforeseen challenges that could increase the cost of your fence project.

Not Checking Your Area Zoning Laws and Any HOA Regulations

Cities, towns and homeowner’s associations often have strict regulations regarding changes made to any property located within the jurisdiction of these entities. Often, there are restrictions on fence height, how close the fence can be along a property line and other mandates to consider.

Failure to Call Utility Companies & Determine Location of Underground Lines

One of the most dangerous mistakes that property owners make is to neglect to call their local utility companies and determine the exact location of any underground lines. There may be certain fees and other restrictions.

Neglecting to Take Property Grading into Account Prior to Fence Installation

Even a small slope on your property can cause a negative impact on your fence project. These will need to be leveled and considered so nearby property is not harmed after your fence is installed.

Failure to Take Area Climate & Environmental Ecosystems into Account

Always take your local region’s weather and environmental ecosystems into account first. Areas that get high winds, serious storms and brutally cold temperatures with heavy snow or ice can wreak havoc on some fence styles.

Many environmentalists are encouraging cities and property owners to help ensure that the surrounding environment and ecosystems are protected by using eco-friendlier fence styles and materials.

Neglecting to Consider Yard Airflow with Chosen Fence Style

Some fence choices will impede airflow across your yard and any neighboring properties that would be impacted by your fence. There are ways to avoid this.

Making the Mistake of Using Inferior Materials & Supplies to Save a Buck

Using inferior materials and supplies can backfire and cause more problems and headaches down the road. Always insist on quality materials.

Other Things to Avoid

  • Failure to mark fence layout and check against current land survey
  • Lacking the proper tools and skills to perform the job correctly
  • Failure to measure sections accurately
  • Not taking post holes into account

Expert tips to help avoid making some common fence installment mistakes.

  • Using Improper Post Setting Methods
  • Neglecting to Properly Anchor Your Fence Anchor Posts
  • Post Holes Not Dug Deeply Enough
  • Not Using Enough Concrete to Set Posts

Improperly Installing & Setting Gates for Yard Access

Installing one or more gates and setting those gates properly can be tricky even for experienced professionals. This is usually best left to a fence installation expert. Where to place the gates for the best yard access spots can also be difficult to determine.

Failure to Treat Raw Wood or Weatherize Metal Fence Materials

This is a very common issue that can damage a fence quickly due to the negative impact from weather and environmental conditions. It can also dramatically lessen the lifetime of your new fence. It is usually easier to perform these tasks prior to putting your fence together and completing the installation.

Not Placing Your Fence Side Properly Towards Neighbor’s Property

Putting up a fence can impact others nearby such as bordering neighbor properties. It is smart to discuss your plans ahead of time and make the effort to be a good neighbor by ensuring that your neighbor will have the best view and continued airflow possible.

Using Cheap Labor Rather Than Choosing a Reliable & Honest Fence Company

Some property owners decide to choose a contractor that offers them the cheapest prices for their labor. This could be a huge mistake, as there are many scammers and less-than-honest individuals that take advantage of trusting consumers far too often. Always select a local and qualified fence contractor that has a topnotch community reputation.

Final Thoughts

Use these guidelines to help avoid costly mistakes when planning to install a new fence on your property. Sometimes, hiring a professional fence installer company is the best decision. Feel free to contact the friendly team at Denco Fence Company by phone or online via anytime from the comfort of your home.