Denver homeowners appreciate all that a fence can do for their property. Aside from added aesthetic appeal, a fence can keep out nosey neighbors and intruders, provide enhanced privacy, and even work as a boundary to keep children and pets in a designated area. The fence is one of the most popular additions homeowners make to their properties. A fence can be installed around a garden to keep out hungry animals or provide pool protection.

Every homeowner can find a fence that appeals to their style, budget, and needs thanks to the versatile mixture of materials and styles. It’s important to note, however, what works well at one home may be a terrible choice for the next property. Start your fencing installation project with a fence layout to better understand what works for your property.

With a fence layout in hand, homeowners know the type of fence material and style that work best at their home. Use the following tips to create a beneficial fence layout and enjoy future worry-free fence installation.

Determine the Purpose of the Fence

Every fence serves a purpose on a property. Sometimes they protect homes; sometimes they accentuate their elegance. Do you need a functional fence or a decorative fence? This is the first decision in planning fence installation.

  • Functional fences add privacy to the home. You may add a functional fence around a pool, garden, or entire house to keep pets and kids inside specific areas.
  • Decorative fences compliment the home’s style. It draws attention from the neighbors and stands out in the community.
  • Both fence styles may increase the value of the property.

There are many styles and types of fences readily available to suit both decorative and functional needs. Determine the purpose of your fence and its installation location to decide which style is best for your needs.

Denver Laws & Building Codes Stipulation Fence Installation

Denver building codes set strict regulations for fences built in the city. Failing to adhere to these laws and codes can result in stiff fines as well as the destruction of your new fence. Ensure the fence you have in mind complies with Denver laws and building codes before your project begins.

Before fence installation begins, you may need a permit or board approval, especially if your home is located in a historic neighborhood. At Denco Fence, we take care of all permit and zoning regulations so you can rest easy that you’ve complied with all rules and codes.

Additionally, check with your local HOA to find out their rules and regulations regarding fence installation. Many may set fence-related regulations that also result in fines for any violators.

Review the Types of Fences

Fences are available in a wide range of materials, styles, and colors. The material chosen affects how long the fence will last, its need for maintenance, its cost, and other factors. Our fencing experts can help you learn more about fence styles of interest, ensuring you install them with confidence.

Popular fence materials include:

  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum
  • Wrought-Iron

Wood fencing remains the most popular material selected for fencing, although it’s harder to care for than other materials, such as vinyl.

Popular fence styles include:

  • Picket fences
  • Chain-link fences
  • Post-and-rail fences

Each fence style has pros and cons which you should consider to find the best for your property. For example, post-and-rail fences typically work best on ranch properties while chain-link fences aren’t the most aesthetically appealing option available.

Installation Location

The installation location for your fence may impact the materials and styles you can pick from. A wood fence may not be the best material to put around a pool, for example. This is one issue that can arise when choosing fence material for specific locations around the house.

Likewise, your fence location must not intrude on neighbors’ land. Measure carefully before planning the fence location to ensure you do not tread on property lines. Many homeowners hire a professional to measure boundary lines before fence installation in Denver begins.

DIY or Professional Installation

Do you want to install your new fence yourself or prefer professionals to take on the job? DIY’ers save money but may find the project time-consuming and overwhelming. DIY jobs also increase safety risks.

Professional installation from the fencing experts at Denco Fence provides timely and affordable fence installation in Denver and the surrounding areas. We’ll help with all aspects of fence installation, from planning to measurement to permits to digging the posts.