Why settle for a dull, boring outdoor gate when the right style can enhance your fence and bring even more exciting curb appeal that turns your space into something extraordinary. Unsure where to start for inspiration for a gate? We’ve got you covered. Find inspiration in the 10 awesome outdoor gate ideas on this list.

1. Arched Gate

A popular gate style amongst homeowners that demand a cost, comfortable scenery on the outside of their property. This gate style wonderfully welcomes people at cozy cottages and at many other home styles.

Customize the arched gate using added hardware and latches to create the exact look most flattering to your property. Plus, the arched gate itself can be created using several different materials and in an array of colors.

Another feature homeowners appreciate about this gate style is its ability to prevent outsiders from getting a clear view of the home. If you demand privacy, you’ll appreciate the arched gate style.

2. Steel Gate

The steel gate works well at properties when you want something simple. There are tons of steel fence styles to pick from, so there are plenty of options, but the design is simple, perfect to decorate the lawn of any minimalist’s home.

Steel fence gates can be installed at the same height as your fence or designed smaller or arched for a more enhanced appearance. Whatever look you want you can get with steel gate installation.

3. Double Gate

A Double Gate is necessary at some entry points such as farms with big farm equipment. Most Double Gates are constructed from wood material, which can easily be decorated with your choice of hardware and latch options.

4. Windowpane Gate

If security and privacy don’t top your list of priorities for a gate, and you’re more interested in appeal, the windowpane gate could be a flattering option for your property.

The windowpane gate accentuates the garden and cottage entryways perfectly. Most of the gates are constructed from cedar wood, adding more intrigue to the look.

5. Vinyl Gate

The cool thing about a vinyl gate is that it’s virtually maintenance-free. Aside from cleaning off any dirt or debris once or twice a year, vinyl lasts without the need for your attention.

Along with its easy-to-care-for capabilities, vinyl fences appease many homeowners because they come in so many styles and designs. Creating a truly unique look customized to your home is more than possible when vinyl is your gate material of choice.

6. Wrought Iron Gates

As one of the most popular styles of ornamental gates available, wrought iron gates add a luxurious style to any property. You’ll see many wrought iron gates and fences decorating properties across Denver.

Although wrought iron is more expensive than other materials, it is strong and durable, a quality needed in a city like Denver where high winds and hail storms are not uncommon.

Wrought iron comes in beautiful styles and can be customized with hardware to finish crafting your unique look.

7. Pergola Gate

We also recommend the Pergola-style gate for your home. This gate style has both protective and decorative features and provides more allure than the standard gate. Plus, installing a Pergola gate means you are one of only a handful of families with this style in place.

A Pergola gate includes beams and posts that create a shady area underneath. It’s the perfect gate option for stylish entryways when impressing your friends is important.

8. Modern Minimalist Gate

So you want to be a minimalist but still crave the appeal of modern designs? There is a gate designed just for you. Better yet, creating a modern minimalist gate designed specifically for your home is easy.

9. Exotic Gates

Place an exotic gate at the front entrance of your home or around a garden if you crave a little more excitement in your design. Exoctic gates give off a feel of the tropics, which we need here in the mountainous areas of Denver.

10. Colonial-Style Gate

Last but certainly not least is the colonial-style gate. This gate mimics a Colonial Williamsburg style and can complement any historic or rustic home. If you are a history buff or appreciate the looks of yesteryear, you’ll love this gate style.

How to Choose the Best Gate Design for Your Property

Choosing the best gate style for your property is sometimes difficult. Consider several factors to ensure you make the right choice.

  • Purpose of the gate: Remember, some gates serve more of an aesthetic purpose than protection.
  • Budget: The amount of money you can devote to the purchase or creation of a gate affects the choices available. Set a budget!
  • Home design: Obviously, the gate should match the style of your home otherwise it could be a sight for sore eyes.
  • Maintenance: Upkeep and maintenance are important considerations to ponder before gate installation. Some gates need more maintenance than others. Make sure you are prepared.

If you need more gate ideas or want to find out how much the gate you want will cost to install, Denco Fence can provide you with a free estimate and answer your questions if you call us at 303.23.6902 or send a request online.