Baby, it’s cold outside but frigid temperatures, snow, and ice never come between you and a new fence when Denco is on the job. As long as the temperature remains above 25 degrees F, we can install your fence. If you thought Denver fence installation during the winter was a bad idea we’re here to tell you it’s not. In fact, winter fence installation may provide benefits you never expected but certainly will appreciate.

Many people schedule winter fence installation well aware of the benefits of doing so. Curious to learn what so many others know already? You’re in the right place. We get a little excited when it comes to fence talk, especially when there is something important customers should know. We want you to know why winter fence installation is a good idea.

We’ve curated this list of five big reasons winter fence installation in Denver is a good idea.

1. We’re Less Busy – You Save Time

Customers are our top priority, but during the spring and summer, appointment slots fill quickly, and getting to each person in the timeframe they most prefer may not always be possible. Schedule installation during the winter and forego the long lines and waits.

Like most fence and construction companies, Denco is less busy during the winter. For you, this means less waiting time to schedule an appointment for your new fence. If you need fast, efficient fence installation, you need a winter installation appointment.

Schedule winter fence installation to get quick service without the wait summer bookings may require.

2. You’re Less Busy During the Winter

We tend to stay inside our warm, cozy homes during the winter when temperatures dip down low, sipping hot cocoa as we play board games with loved ones. And we love those special moments.

You’re less busy during the winter, laid back, and taking it easy the way you should. Without as many activities on the agenda, you can schedule fence installation without worry of the appointment interfering with other plans.

3. Save Money

One of the biggest and most important reasons homeowners choose winter fence installation is the cost. You can save a substantial amount of money by having your fence installed during the winter.

Fence installation starts at a cost of about $1,100 and can increase by several thousand, depending on fence materials, size, and other factors. There are several ways to keep the costs of a new fence low. Among them is to schedule winter fence installation.

Suppliers often offer huge discounts during the winter. We pass on those savings to our clients, resulting in incredibly discounted rates on most fence installation work. The expected savings versus a spring or summer installation project varies according to the type of fence, fence height, and other factors.

4. Protect Your Landscaping

Fence installation can take a huge toll on your lawn and property. While we work carefully to reduce our impact on your yard, any construction will leave its mark behind.

One simple way to ease the impact fence installation causes is by scheduling winter service. When it’s cold outside, your grass lays dormant, causing less damage to the ground and plants nearby.

5. Added Protection When it’s Important

The winter season includes some of our favorite holidays, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. Increased rates of crime during the holidays are usual, particularly at Christmas. Robbery and larceny crime rates see the most dramatic increases during the holidays.

Increased fear and anxiety are normal as families worry if they’ll become a victim of a crime. Some of that fear subsides following fence installation. Fences protect your home and family from outsiders and prying eyes that may want a glimpse inside your place.

More Benefits of Winter Fence Installation in Denver

Five great benefits above, do you agree? There is little reason not to schedule Denver fence installation before the weather warms up. Before we go, we’d like to take a couple more minutes of your time to list a few more somewhat unexpected benefits of fence installation we think it’s important to know.

  • A new fence adds curb appeal to your property and the entire neighborhood
  • Let the dogs outside to run while ensuring they stay within your property
  • More space to hang Christmas decorations
  • Santa Claus can discreetly park his sled in your yard
  • Increase the value of your property
  • No more nosey neighbors looking into the windows of your home
  • Protection from the sometimes fierce wind produced in Denver
  • Tons of fence materials, colors, designs, and styles to suit your exact preferences

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Fence installation during the winter is such a good idea for many homeowners. It is fast, convenient, and can save money and it really doesn’t get any better than that! The benefits we’ve discussed here only describe some of the perks you can expect. We’re so excited that you are considering this time of year to install a fence and hope we can discuss further with you all of the benefits of scheduling your appointment. Find out firsthand why wintertime is a good time to install a fence and reach out to Denco Fence today!

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