Installing a fence on your property can wonderfully bring curb appeal and beauty to your home. However, choosing from the plethora of fence types can overwhelm many people, especially considering the important factors that go into picking the right fence, such as:

  • Your budget
  • Maintenance and upkeep
  • Fence longevity
  • Needs

Some homeowners install fences to protect their homes and add privacy that keeps nosey neighbors out of their business. Other people use fences to establish property lines or even as decorative elements. The right fence type certainly improves the property while divulging benefit after benefit.

Which fence type is best for your property? The five types listed here are among the most popular options homeowners in Denver install in 2022 and beyond.

Popular Fence Styles

You’ll find far more than five fence types but some materials are more popular than others. Below, find information about the five most popular styles chosen most often by Denver homeowners.

Wood Fences

From the stylish white picket fence to post and rail fencing used on ranches, wood fencing is the number one material chosen by homeowners looking to build a stylish fence on their property.

Wood fences come in a variety of wood species, from redwood to cedar to pine, which affects not just its cost, but its maintenance requirements and longevity.

The fence style also comes in assorted shapes, designs, and heights, making it easy to install wherever you need a fence, for any purpose you need, whether it’s simply to add design elements to the home or to keep pets and kids on your property.

Prepare to devote extra time, care, and maintenance to a wood fence. Moisture from snow, rain and the cool dew of the morning can cause wood rot, discoloration, and other problems if you aren’t on top of maintenance.

Vinyl Fences

A great alternative to wood, vinyl fences offer the same look without the same maintenance or cost. Vinyl fencing costs a fraction of the price of wood fencing and is much easier to install.

Once installed, vinyl fencing adds privacy and protection to a home, creating a sense of security that Denver homeowners want and need in today’s scary world. The fence style works great to keep pets and kids on your property as well as to provide boundaries between properties.

With the plethora of vinyl fence styles and designs, every homeowner can create the exact look they want without making sacrifices. Add vinyl fencing around the perimeter of a home or use it around a pool or garden.

Cleaning vinyl fencing is as simple as washing it with soap and water, making the material super easy to care for. It’s not prone to wood rot and the many problems facing wood fencing.

Metal Fences

Metal fences typically have openings between the rails that do not inhibit views from the home, but keep pets and kids inside the boundaries of the property.

Aluminum and wrought iron are two of the most popular types of metal fence styles available. Each comes in various heights and in assorted designs giving homeowners the chance to capture their personality in the look they select. Post tops can further add decoration to a metal fence.

Expect to pay dearly if you choose metal fence installation for your home. Wrought iron is one of the most expensive fence materials sold today. The cost comes with the satisfaction and peace of mind of knowing you are protected by a decorative, durable, long-lasting fence.

Chain-Link Fences

Long ago, chain link fencing was used commercially only but nowadays, homeowners use chain link fencing around their properties, appreciative of the new colors and styles that make the material less of an eye sore.

It’s true that chain link fences aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing option, but homeowners find value in the material. Not only is chain link one of the most affordable fencing materials, but it’s also incredibly durable and secure.

Installing chain link fencing is easy and affordable to top off its benefits.

Composite Fencing

Another great alternative to wood fencing, composite is substantially cheaper (but still more expensive than other fence materials) than its opponent and not affected by the same elements that can damage or destroy wood.

Most composite fences mix a combination of resin and plastic with wood particles. Choose from stylish colors that accentuate your home and property and install the fence around your home or other areas as a privacy, security, decorative, or garden fence.

Do More on Your Property with a Great Fence

Although no such thing as bad fence material exists, some materials provide more use and benefit than others, depending on the unique needs of each homeowner. The five fence options listed here are the most popular choices for Denver homeowners.

When you’re ready to learn more about the fence styles listed here or to install a fence at your Denver property, call the expert technicians at Denco for help by dialing 303.223.6902 or request information online.