Benefits of Vinyl Fencing in Denver

Take a look at the fences decorating Denver lawns the next time you are out and about. You may not realize that a large portion of the fences you see is made from vinyl material. Homeowners prefer vinyl fencing over wood, chain link, composite, and other materials because it delivers exceptional benefit after benefit. If you want to know more about vinyl fencing to better decide if the material is good for your home, you’ve come to the right place.

Vinyl fences in Denver provide strength, durability, and charm where it’s needed the most. The fence material sets property boundaries that keep kids and pets within a specific area. The aesthetic appeal is phenomenal. There is little reason to wonder why vinyl fencing is the go-to material for so many homeowners.

Benefits of vinyl fence installation include:

  • Easily installs in the front yard, backyard, around the pool or deck, or other location
  • Resistant to fading and discoloration
  • Resistant to mold and mildew, water damage
  • More affordable installation than other fence materials

Reasons to Install a Vinyl Fence in Denver

Vinyl fence installation in Denver suits homeowners searching for a fencing material that looks good and does good things for their property. Along with the benefits above, the perks of installing a vinyl fence are pretty amazing.

Curious why vinyl fencing is considered one of the best fence materials in Denver? Take a look at three top reasons vinyl fencing is one of the best fence materials around, then pick up the phone and let us know how we can help make your fence needs a reality.

1. Choose From Several Colors, Styles, and Designs

Vinyl fences mimic the look and style of wood without the commitment that wood requires. Unlike wood, vinyl will not rot, mold, or succumb to water damage. Vinyl does not split or crack and requires little to no maintenance. Vinyl fencing comes in an array of colors, designs, and styles that complement any home style. Homeowners can even choose the fence height and size so placing it around the backyard, the swimming pool, or even around the house is easy.

Available vinyl fence styles include:

  • Picket: Ever dream of a home with a white picket fence? Now is your chance to make that dream a reality. Aesthetically pleasing and fun, picket fences come in various colors and can be customized to any size or height. If you want to bring back the sweet memories of yesterday, vinyl picket fences style your home with a nice 1950s appeal.
  • Privacy: An amazing investment for the backyard, the privacy fence, as the name implies, completely encapsulates your property. Although privacy fences take up more space, they keep prying eyes away from your home -and with that comes ample peace of mind.
  • Semi-Private: Want privacy, but hate feeling like you’re trapped behind a wall? Choose a semi-private fence. This fence style combines the perfect blend of airflow and privacy. The gaps between the fence panels allow light and air inside while still maintaining plenty of privacy.
  • Paddock: More than 31 million acres of Colorado land is designated for ranch and farm use. If you live on a ranch or farm, the paddock-style vinyl fence adds the western appeal that completes its style. All you need is the cowboy!

2. Ideal for Colorado Weather

Winds sweep into Denver with a vengeance, sometimes traveling at speeds of 60 to 100 MPH. It takes a strong fence to withstand the strong wind and other brutal weather elements known to flourish through The Mile High City. Denverites know all too well how hot summers get and the hailstorms that accompany them. We know how astonishing cold winters get and how quickly feet of snow pile up after one of the frequent snowstorms.

Not every fence material is Denver-strong, but vinyl is ready to stand tall no matter the circumstances.

Vinyl fence material is designed to withstand even crazy Colorado weather. It handles the common temperature fluctuations and will not warp or succumb to sunlight damage when the heat is its hottest.

When winter rolls into town, vinyl fencing is ready to battle the cold temperatures and the snow. It will not mold, or mildew after snowstorms. Vinyl is truly the fence material designed to stand up to the toughest Colorado weather. It’s five times stronger than wood, easily absorbs moisture, is resistant to rotting, and maintains integrity and style for years ahead.

Fun Fact: In August 2022, Denver broke a 145-year-old heat record.

3. Low Maintenance, Low Care

Every fence style requires some type of care and maintenance. Some fence styles require maintenance that seems to take up all of your free time and attention (plus a whole lot of money.) We all want beautiful homes without devoting our entire lives to the task. Vinyl fencing is different from most, as we’ve learned in the above section. Those differences continue in the way you care for vinyl fencing.

A good soap and water cleaning, or even pressure washing, is about all the vinyl fence needs to maintain its beauty. Unlike wood fencing, vinyl won’t need refinishing or coating and still maintains its color.

Vinyl absorbs water so it won’t rot or warp like wood. Even water beating onto the fence from the sprinkler system will not affect the vinyl fence. There is no risk of mold or mildew and since it’s water absorbent, termites and other pests do not pose any threats to the fence.

Denver-area homeowners looking for an almost-perfect fence should not hesitate to reach out to Denco to get an estimate or learn more about vinyl fencing!