Families with children need extra protection against outside dangers on the exterior of their homes. While parents often childproof the interior to keep the littles from getting hurt on table corners and electrical sockets, they forget the dangers that lurk outside, all of which a fence can protect against.

The Diverse Benefits of Fence Installation

Fences serve a diverse range of purposes for families with kids on top of their many exceptional benefits. Regardless of budget or fencing needs, you’ll find a fence style that accommodates your needs and helps protect the kids and your peace of mind.

Most importantly, fence installation costs will not break the budget. Costs of fence installation vary, with several factors impacting the costs, including the fencing material and the company selected to install the fence. Almost any family can afford the minimal costs associated with new fence installation. The long-term value a fence offers makes the already affordable costs an even sweeter deal.

For families, installing a fence has benefits like:

  • Set Boundaries: Kids and pets tend to wander off at a moment’s notice, unaware of the many dangers lurking out there. Installing a fence provides boundaries that keep little ones and furry friends in your yard and in your eyesight. With boundaries in place, kids and pets alike can enjoy more outside time while parents enjoy enhanced peace of mind.
  • Options: Choose from a variety of popular fencing materials, like cedar, cherry, chain link, or vinyl, along with numerous height and style options. The 6′ privacy fence is popular since it protects kids by setting a boundary line and keeps nosey neighbors and others from prying inside the windows or doors to get a glimpse of what’s going on.

Best Fencing Materials for Families With Kids

Selecting the right fencing material ensures a long life of happiness with your new fence installation. Some fencing materials last longer than others, need less maintenance – if any at all -and offer other benefits to keep in mind during the decision process. Popular fencing materials chosen by families with kids include:

  • Vinyl: Want the look of wood without the maintenance needs and costs of wood? Vinyl has your needs covered. Sold in many style options, vinyl is weather-resistant, has a long lifetime of 20 to 30 years, and is fire and wind-resistant. Vinyl also happens to be the expert-recommended fence material for families since it is resistant to damage.
  • Chain-Link Fencing: Most commonly used on commercial properties, chain-link fencing is becoming more popular at residential properties in recent years. Chain link is strong and durable -but kids love to climb it. They won’t get off your property with this fence which can be installed at a height of your choosing.
  • Wood: Wood requires more maintenance and upkeep than most other fencing materials but it’s elegant and long-lasting. Wood fencing can cause splinters and may pose other risks if it becomes damaged.
  • Wrought Iron: The strongest, most durable fencing option happens to also be the most elegant style. Wrought iron is solid, strong, and virtually indestructible.

Other Considerations

Kids are adventurous, curious, and daring. That’s why families should also keep other considerations in mind when choosing the fence best suited for installation on their property, like:

  • Kids love to climb. Don’t mistake your kid for one of the innocent non-climbers because that can change any time, especially when a fence is in front of them daring to be scaled. Choose a fence material that kids cannot easily climb to prevent potential injuries and damages to the fence.
  • Don’t forget the latch. A latch provides an extra measure of security for parents who want to keep their kids within a confined space on their property.
  • Always select a fence material that is strong and durable. This type of fence protects kids the way parents expect and allows them to enjoy more peace of mind.

Consider the longevity, price, and ease of installation when choosing the right fence for your property. Some fences last a few years while others, specifically the wrought iron fence, have a lifetime of up to 100-years.

Fencing Costs

Price points vary greatly from one fence material to the next. Set a budget for fence installation and stick as closely to this price as possible. Financing options can also help offset the costs of fence installation, which currently average a price starting at about $15 to $60 per linear foot, depending on height, material, and other factors.

Other Needs

And finally, look for a fence that meets your additional needs. Fences can help keep animals and wildlife off your property, add more privacy and protection, and much more. Learn more about fences before choosing to ensure you get a product that exceeds all your expectations.

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