With dozens of fence styles available, choosing the style offering the most eye-pleasing appeal is sometimes hard for homeowners. Every homeowner wants a fence that meets their needs and looks great on their property. Fences come in three main styles, each serving a different purpose: privacy, functional, or decorative. Whether you want to set boundaries between properties, keep out nosey neighbors or hope to bring curb appeal to the home, the seven popular fence styles listed here are choices you’ll fancy.

7 Popular Fence Styles to Consider for Your Denver Home

1. White Picket Fence

White picket fences symbolize comfort, calmness, and happiness in middle-class suburbs and have long been considered the All-American fence style. You’ll see white picket fences decorating many properties in Denver.

Picket fences are practical and stylish working to both decorate the property and provide boundaries that keep pets and kids where they’re supposed to be.

Keep in mind picket fences are most often constructed of wood material, which is one of the more difficult styles to care for. Make sure you’re up for the added challenges and maintenance required with a wood fence before selecting this style.

2. Rock and Stone Fences

Used in ancient times to confine animals and set property lines, rock and stone fences provide the same benefits today while creating added beauty and appeal wherever it’s needed.

Early designs were simple, homeowners placed the rocks securely on top of each other. Today’s rock and stone fences include aluminum wiring frames for better stability and better appeal.

Dress up a rock or stone fence by planting flowers across the fence line. Plants also decorate the area but may not work well with all rock and stone fence styles.

If you’re looking for a stylish and durable fence that also provides longevity, you can’t go wrong with rock and stone.

3. Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl is perhaps the fence material easiest to care for of all the available options. A yearly power wash usually removes dirt and debris from the fence and is the gist of necessary maintenance.

Vinyl is inexpensive, working well for even minimal budgets. Though cheaper than alternative materials, vinyl wonderfully protects your space by keeping pets within boundaries, adding privacy, and even beautifying the space.

With hundreds of color and design choices available, homeowners always get exactly the style they want.

4. Lattice Fences

Lattice fence styles work well for homeowners looking to add a decorative element to their homes. Place the fence around your home, between properties, around a garden or pool, or elsewhere on your property to create a look that stands out in the neighborhood.

Lattice fences come in various heights, although providing privacy really isn’t their purpose. You can also choose fences offering lattices in various widths and lengths. Choose from materials such as pressure-treated pine wood or cedar for a lattice fence.

Lattice fences contain posts to help keep them secure. Homeowners often top the posts with decorative elements to add more design to their property.

5. Ornamental Metal Fence

Sturdy, durable, and decorative, the ornamental metal fence is expensive but serves its purpose well if style and decoration are the characteristics you want. Although dozens of styles of ornamental metal fences can decorate your lawn, most have one thing in common: open design with widely spaced pickets.

Aluminum is much cheaper than wrought iron, both materials of which you can choose for an ornamental fence. Wrought iron, on the other hand, is substantially more durable and can withstand the strong winds and fierce snow falling down in Denver during the cold winter months.

6. Split Rail Fence

Used most commonly on the farm and on ranch-style properties, a split rail fence consists of long beams held together through threading. The rough, rugged fence style comes in several color and pattern options to give any property a rustic look.

The split-rail fence keeps livestock and animals inside their boundaries. Most often the fence is constructed from black locust lumber but other material choices may be available.

7. Stockade Fence

A stockade fence works perfectly at residences demanding privacy from neighbors and other outsiders. Stockade fences contain solid panels and add decorative elements to the outside of any home.

Homeowners can add gothic pickets or other elements to this fence to create even more style on their property. Pointed pickets provide even greater protection since intruders usually avoid the extra dangers posed by the fence.

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