Fences provide properties with visual appeal, increased value, privacy, and added protection. Homeowners can pick from several fence materials, although choosing the best fence material ensures it does not succumb to weather elements sooner than it should.

Every homeowner will soon learn that the best fence option for their home may very well be different than the best choice for someone in the next city over. The home’s location is one of several factors which affect the best fence material for your property. You also must consider the features that you want and need in the fence, your budget, and your willingness to provide maintenance on the fence in the years ahead. With these considerations outlined and the information in this article, choosing the best fencing material becomes child’s play.

In this article, you will find out which fence materials in Colorado work best for your home, as well as the pros and cons of each of them. This information helps ease the fence purchase selection and ensures you choose the best product for your needs from the start.

Not only should the fence selected withstand the unpredictable, harsh weather, but it should also meet your needs for design, security, price, and features. Before choosing the best fence material for your home, write down a list of things important to you to ease some of the decision-making processes.

Homeowners with property on the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains, such as residents of Denver and Colorado Springs, need a fence equipped to handle the extreme weather, including snowy winters, strong winds, and hot, dry summers.

Top Fencing Styles in Colorado

With a fence installed around your property, you gain visual appeal, added value, increased privacy and protection, and a host of additional benefits, depending on the fence material chosen. Wood picket fences, metal, steel, vinyl, and chain-link are the expert-recommended fencing options best suited to withstand the extreme summer heat and snowy winters found throughout Colorado.

Chain-Link Fencing

Chain-link fencing is pretty boring as far as visual appeal is concerned. It’s designed more for the property owner looking to keep out intruders without losing any sight of the other side of the property.

The material is often thought to be only a fencing option at commercial properties, but many homeowners use it these days. It’s even sold in a charming black color. It’s affordable, and the perfect choice for a family seeking a budget-friendly fencing option.

Although the fence may sway when the winds soar at their strongest, it generally holds up well to strong winds and other weather elements. The biggest risk associated with a chain-link fence is rust damage, which can easily be prevented by choosing galvanized steel chain-link fencing.

Wood Fencing

Homeowners residing in Central Colorado can install wood fencing on their property without much concern over weather damage. Homeowners elsewhere in the state should install wood fencing with caution.

Heat and direct sunlight during the summer can warp the wood as well as cause discoloration. During the winter, snow can cause moisture that leads to wood rot and a host of other problems.

Wood fencing costs more than many other materials. This greatly varies depending on the style and wood species you choose.

Wood fences require more upkeep and care than other fence materials. Are you willing to devote more time and money to a fence? If not, wood fencing may not be the best choice.

Vinyl Fencing: Popular in Colorado

One of the most popular fencing materials in Colorado, vinyl gives the look and appeal of wood without the same costs or upkeep.

You can also worry less with vinyl fencing around your home since it does not absorb water, does not rot, and will not lose railing, nails, or important pieces. It can withstand strong winds and generally do so without any damage.

Vinyl comes in assorted styles, colors, and designs, giving homeowners choices. The fence material adds appeal to any property.

One of vinyl material’s biggest disadvantages is that in cold weather it can become brittle, making it prone to cracks, warps, and other similar types of damage.

Steel Fencing

Financially speaking, steel fence installation is expensive and may not be suitable to every budget. With that said, steel fencing is the most structurally sound, durable option available.

After steel fence installation, you have very few worries ahead. It protects the home against intruders, gives homeowners added privacy, and most importantly, can hold up to strong winds and many other weather elements. Steel fencing is the fence material you can always trust to excel at meeting your needs.

If your budget allows, consider steel fencing for your home or business. Wrought iron is one of the most popular steel fencing options around today.

The right fence can provide a plethora of benefits for your home and your family. Use this information to help narrow down the choices and find the best fencing material for your needs.

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