Denver graces us with four beautiful seasons. We enjoy hot summers, cold winters, and mild spring and fall weather, with each season giving off a few surprises through the weeks. The vast weather changes can cause a myriad of problems for your fence, however, which we think is the biggest disadvantage to living in a four-season city. Avoiding fence damage is not as difficult as you might expect. We have a few tips on how simple maintenance can protect your fence against damage associated with changes in the weather. Put the tips to good use and enjoy your beautiful, damage-free fence for years ahead.

Denver Weather: What You Should Know to Protect Your Fence

Compared to other Colorado cities and towns, the weather in Denver is pretty mild year-round thanks to its high elevation. Summer temperatures average a high of 86F while winter weather sees plenty of snowfall with temperatures hovering around freezing.

Weather changes often damage outdoor structures, particularly those unprotected from the elements. Fence discoloration is common during the summer, but one of several issues that can harm your fence. During the winter, snowfall can cause moisture build-up, wood rot, and many other severe fence problems.

Start with the Best Fence Material

Fence materials include wood, vinyl, and aluminum, each offering its own advantages and disadvantages. The fence material chosen to protect or beautify your home makes a tremendous difference in the type of upkeep and maintenance it requires to continue its duties.

Wood is often the preferred fence material chosen by Denver homeowners, but one of the hardest to maintain. Wood fencing is prone to moisture damage, wood rot, and other problems. Whilst a wood fence beautifies the property, make sure you can maintain the fence before installation.

Need help figuring out which type of fence material is best for your property? Denco has the expertise to make the choice easy. Give us a call. We’ll discuss your needs, budget, and purpose of the fence to help you find the perfect material for your home.

Inspect the Fence

No matter the season, a fence inspection is important since it alerts you of damages and problems that will worsen without repair. Inspect the fence at least once each season, preferably before the season begins, and repair and replace missing boards, screws, or other damaged spots in the fence.

A fence inspection is exactly what it sounds like: a look at the fence to find anything that is missing or damaged. When you spot damage early, you can make repairs before it becomes severe and even costlier to repair.

The potential for damage increases as the weather cools down. Winter is the worst season for fence damage. You may want to periodically inspect the fence to check its stability. If you notice that it is wobbly or notice damages, take all necessary precautions and schedule repairs.

Protect the Fence From Debris and Moisture

Moisture isn’t such a big concern with vinyl fencing as it is with wood and aluminum fencing as both materials are prone to rot and rust damage. Debris buildup around a fence can damage the fence and lead to wood rot and other problems.

Keep all sources of moisture away from your fence. This means from the overhead, too. Trim tree branches to keep them out of the immediate fence area, and clear out any leaves or debris that has accumulated around the fence. Doing this helps prevent damage to your fence.

Additionally, keep the grass trimmed near the fence to help protect it from the elements. Short grass retains less water which prevents wood rot. However, a well-hydrated ground prevents post-cracking, so you must find a good medium. If you need more information, give us a call.

Clean Your Fence

Experts always recommend cleaning your fence at least one time per year. Many homeowners opt to clean their fences each season for added protection. Every fence material should be cleaned except for wood. Everyone knows wood and water are brutal enemies that should be kept far apart!

If you own an aluminum or vinyl fence, clean it with soap and water. Or, better yet, use a power wash to clean the fence to remove dirt and debris that may erupt damage. You can hire professional power washers to come out to perform this task or DIY if you want to save a bit of money.

A clean fence not only adds more curb appeal and value to the property but also helps prevent damages that wet leaves or other debris can cause. This task is among the most important if you plan to keep your fence in good condition.

Protect Your Fence: Denco Can Help

Denco Fencing Co. can help maintain your fence through the seasons. Our expert fence technicians install and repair fences in and around the Denver area. From minor issues like missing boards to serious wood rot and damage, our team can secure your fence and restore its beauty at a competitive rate. We’d love to show you why we’re one of the most trusted names for Denver fencing.

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