Fence repair typically requires the knowledge brought forth by trained experts, although some issues may be simple DIY fixes with the right tools. Before calling out fence technicians, find out if repairing the fence yourself is an option. Though not all damages can be repaired via DIY work, some can, and using this option can save substantial time and money. Of course, Denco Fence is here to serve your needs any time you need professional hands.

How to Repair a Fence

The best way to repair a fence depends on factors such as the fence material, type of damage, and severity of the damage.

Denver homeowners love the look and appeal of the wood fence, as do so many people across the states. We’ll discuss a couple of repairs Denver wood fence owners can potentially DIY, as well as repairs to other fence materials.

Wood Fence Post Repair

Homeowners love the aesthetics and durability of a wood fence. You’ll see it more than other fence types, especially throughout Denver. Wood fencing often sustains more damage than other fence materials, often caused by moisture, which Denver sees quite a bit throughout the year.

All of that moisture harms a wood fence and leads to wood rot A rotted fence post needs immediate repair, otherwise, the entire fence structure can come tumbling down. Repairs for this type of damage will certainly cost a substantial amount of money.

Gather all your supplies to repair a rotted fence post: a reciprocating saw, digging bar, drill, screws, and 2×4 bracing. With these items in hand, follow these steps to repair the post.

  • Brace the fence panels on each side.
  • Remove the nails holding the fence rail.
  • Remove the posts from the ground by breaking up the concrete
  • Place the new post into the ground, bracing it into position.
  • Refill the hole with concrete.
  • Reattach the fence railing using the screws.
  • When the concrete hardens remove the braces
  • Pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

Wood Fence Leaning Gate

Leaning gates eventually bring down the entire fence, not to mention cause unappealing aesthetics outside of the home.

Loose hinge screws or gate posts are the two biggest culprits of a leaning gate, each of which problem can easily be repaired in a few minutes.

  • Loose screws causing a leaning gate? Just replace the screws! Problem solved.
  • Drive a fence repair spike into the ground beside a gate post set in gravel or dirt, and then screw the post to the spike to straighten it out.
  • If the gate post is set in concrete, reset the concrete. See #1 for more information on resetting concrete.

Replace a Wood Fence Panel

Grab a drill, some screws, and scrap wood if your 4×8 wood panel fence becomes damaged and DIY sounds like the best repair option.

  • Screw wood blocks on one side of the damaged panel.
  • Remove the screws holding the panel to the posts.
  • Place the panel onto the blocks and remove it from the ground.
  • Set a new panel on the blocks.
  • Drill holes into the blocks, screw in the nails, then attach the panel to the posts using three-inch screws.
  • Remove the support blocks and the job is done.

Vinyl Fence Damaged Slat

Vinyl is second-mots popular fence style in Denver. It’s valued for its easy maintenance, curb appeal, and affordability, but is not completely risk-free. Damaged slats pose big problems for many homeowners.

With a hammer, chisel, and screwdriver, replacing a damaged slat takes just a couple of minutes.

  • Remove the caps from the posts of the damaged section of the fence.
  • Loosen the screw that holds the top railing to the tabs inside the post.
  • Turn the post to the opposite end and remove the screws and railing.
  • Pull the slats from the bottom until you reach the damaged one.
  • Replace the slat then replace the slats you removed in the same order that you removed them from the fence.
  • Replace the top rail, screws, and post caps and you’ve successfully replaced a damaged fence slat.

Wrought-Iron Broken Fence Repair

A wrought iron fence delivers elegance to any luxury home, but breaks in the metal can cease its appeal as well as its protective capabilities.

Professional fence repair technicians in Denver can weld back any missing or rusted pieces of your wrought iron fence. In the meantime, a product like JB Weld can benefit the structure.

  • Clean off the rust.
  • Mix putty and hardener according to the package instructions.
  • Apply the mixture to the joint using a putty knife.
  • Use a C-clamp to clamp the sections together.
  • Remove excess putty before it hardens.
  • Wait 24 hours for the putty to harden before removing the C-clamp

Whether you need expert fence repair advice, professional repair or replacement service, or want to schedule service, Denco Fence can be reached by phone at 303.223.6902 or email at inquiries@dencofence.com.